Rich Trott


I am a frequent contributor to Node.js and a less frequent contributor to many other open source projects.

A few of my projects

  • metal-name

    Generate metal band names such as Twisted Vengeance and Desecrated Glory.

  • Amalgamatic

    Search all the things!

  • cumberbatch-name

    Generate Benedict Cumberbatch-like names such as Banjodad Muffinrats and Barbertruck Muffinbeach.

  • Music Routes Playlist Generator

    Create a playlist of songs with common musicians. Like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but for music. Sort of. Hosted at

  • Music Routes Data

    While running Music Routes, I collected a ton of data about what musicians play on what tracks. I decided that I shouldn't bogart that information.

  • Music Routes Visualization

    Visualiations for the data above.

  • mqlread

    JavaScript micro-library to execute read-only Metaweb Query Language (MQL) queries on Freebase

  • APIs server

    JavaScript API server. I talk about this in Fostering a Culture of Sharing with Code.

  • Web Conference Bingo Cards

    Just for fun. Web conferences should probably have a snappier interface and more gee-whiz features. Why don't you open a pull request, smarty-pants?

  • clockdrift.js

    Need to monitor the time setting on a web server that you don't have access to? Let clockdrift.js do it for you!

  • My-Radar

    My-Radar is a Google App Engine web app that lets you allow others to track you on a map.

  • CampusKit

    Deprecated! This is no longer used by me or maintained. Use any of the billions of other projects out there that basically do the same thing.

    Make mobile/tablet sites/apps quickly. Geared towards resource-strapped higher education, but useful for anyone.

  • Lightning Touch

    Deprecated! Use FastClick instead.

    You know that delay of a few hundred milliseconds on touch devices when you're browsing the web? Use Lightning Touch to get rid of that delay on your site.

  • pickyfill

    Deprecated! We'll have ServiceWorker and native picture elements soon, right?

    Are you frustrated by the incompatibilities between responsive image solutions (like picturefill) and HTML5 offline appcaching? Pickyfill may ease some of your pains. (Unless you need those pains eased on Android 2.3.)

  • cordova-linter

    Unmaintained! Doesn't do a whole lot and I'm not doing Cordova projects anymore, so this isn't getting much love, sorry to say.

    Find common patterns in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are incompatible with Apache Cordova and PhoneGap.


  • "Getting To Green: Node.js Core Testing"

    Testing Node.js core is perhaps more challenging and messier than testing the typical Node.js project.

  • "You Are Invited"

    Some ideas on getting started contributing to Node.js. Presented at SFNode meetup in November 2015. Contains many Muppet slides.

  • "Curing Cancer with HTML5"

    Not actually about curing cancer or even really HTML5. It's about federated search and Amalgamatic. HTML5DevConf, October 2014, San Francisco.

  • "Building a Superb University Device Experience (When You Have No Resources)"

    MMWCon, September 2013, Los Angeles.

  • "Native App Awesomeness (Without The Native App)"

    Mobile web performance as well as a few not-necessarily-performance things to do to make your mobile web site not suck. MWF Conference, September 2012, Los Angeles.

  • "Fostering a Culture of Sharing with Code"

  • "Redesign Your Website in 4,000 Easy Steps"

    Short-ish talk on frequent release strategy for websites, with Michele Mizejewski.

  • "IT Lessons Fatherhood Has Taught Me"