Rich Trott


A few things I work on when I'm not working on Node.js


Older presentations
  • We'd like to level with you about Node.js

    With Anna Henningsen.

  • A beginner's guide to reading Node.js core source

    How to understand and contribute to Node.js core. Node Interactive North America 2016

  • Getting to green: Node.js core testing

    Testing Node.js core is perhaps more challenging and messier than testing the typical Node.js project. NodeSummit 2016

  • You are invited

    Some ideas on getting started contributing to Node.js. Presented at SFNode meetup in November 2015. Contains many Muppet slides.

  • Curing cancer with HTML5

    Not actually about curing cancer or even really HTML5. It's about federated search and Amalgamatic. HTML5DevConf, October 2014, San Francisco.

  • Building a superb university device experience (when you have no resources)

    MMWCon, September 2013, Los Angeles.

  • Native app awesomeness (without the native app)

    Mobile web performance as well as a few not-necessarily-performance things to do to make your mobile web site not suck. MWF Conference, September 2012, Los Angeles.

  • Fostering a culture of sharing with code

  • Redesign your website in 4,000 easy steps

    Short-ish talk on frequent release strategy for websites, with Michele Mizejewski.