Rich Trott


A few things I work on when I'm not working on Node.js

  • metal-name

    Generate metal band names such as Twisted Vengeance and Desecrated Glory.

  • cumberbatch-name

    Generate Benedict Cumberbatch-like names such as Banjodad Muffinrats and Barbertruck Muffinbeach.

  • Music Routes Playlist Generator

    Create a playlist of songs with common musicians. Like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but for music. Sort of. Hosted at

  • Music Routes Data

    While running Music Routes, I collected a ton of data about what musicians play on what tracks. I decided that I shouldn't bogart that information.

  • Music Routes Visualization

    Visualiations for the data above.

  • Web Conference Bingo Cards

    Just for fun. Should probably have a snappier interface and more gee-whiz features. Why don't you open a pull request, smarty-pants?

  • clockdrift.js

    Need to monitor the time setting on a web server that you don't have access to? Let clockdrift.js do it for you!

  • My-Radar

    My-Radar is a Google App Engine web app that lets you allow others to track you on a map.


  • A Partial Taxonomy of Test Unreliability

  • A Response To "Design Mistakes In Node"

    Non-inflammatory, I promise!

  • A Beginner's Guide To Reading Node.js Core Source

    How to understand and contribute to Node.js core. Node Interactive North America 2016

  • Getting To Green: Node.js Core Testing

    Testing Node.js core is perhaps more challenging and messier than testing the typical Node.js project. NodeSummit 2016

  • You Are Invited

    Some ideas on getting started contributing to Node.js. Presented at SFNode meetup in November 2015. Contains many Muppet slides.

  • Curing Cancer with HTML5

    Not actually about curing cancer or even really HTML5. It's about federated search and Amalgamatic. HTML5DevConf, October 2014, San Francisco.

  • Building a Superb University Device Experience (When You Have No Resources)

    MMWCon, September 2013, Los Angeles.

  • Native App Awesomeness (Without The Native App)

    Mobile web performance as well as a few not-necessarily-performance things to do to make your mobile web site not suck. MWF Conference, September 2012, Los Angeles.

  • Fostering a Culture of Sharing with Code

  • Redesign Your Website in 4,000 Easy Steps

    Short-ish talk on frequent release strategy for websites, with Michele Mizejewski.